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General information: Forms in pdf can be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0 or later (free for download), and where indicated, completed on your computer. If you are using a screen reader, download the Access plug-in. If  opening a pdf form in Firefox, you may need to click on a message in the top right corner of your screen that says, "Open With Different Viewer."

For Students

*Details about these forms

For Departments

*Details about these forms

Academic Renewal Petition (pdf) Academic Renewal Petition (pdf)
Address Change Request (pdf) Agron 105, 310; NREM 104 work experience form
Audit Request - Undergraduate (pdf) Certificate - Undergraduate request, change, cancel
Audit Request-Graduate College Change of curriculum/major or adviser (pdf)
Authorization to Release Information for a Recommendation and/or EvaluationCourse Offering Change Dept. Authorization
 Departmental Test-Out Application
Authorization to Release Information to a Third PartyDual-list - Graduate Curriculum Forms: "Propose Dual-Listed Courses"
Cancellation, Registration (pdf) File Transmittal Form-for changing curriculum/
college (pdf)
Graduate College: Language Requirement Form
Cross Enrollment - DMACC (pdf) Grade Report to the Registrar (pdf)
Cross Enrollment (DMACC) Checklist Incomplete Contract
Deferment Request, In School (pdf) Minor, Request for/Cancellation (pdf)
Designation of Repeated Course (pdf)Multiple Curricula or Multiple degrees (pdf)
Diploma, Replacement, Request for (pdf)

Release of Student Information for Research Requests (pdf)

File Transmittal Form-for changing curriculum/
college (pdf)
Request for Degree Audit Access (pdf)
Grades, Student Request for Mailing (pdf) Supplemental Course Section Offerings
Name and/or Sex Marker Change (Word) 

Verification Request Letter (pdf)


Graduation Applications:

U.S. Diversity/International Perspectives

Postsecondary Enrollment Application (pdf)

Withdrawal Request (pdf)
Preliminary Transfer Credit Evaluation (Word)  

Reentry Form and Information:


    Registration Cancellation (pdf)  
    Registration Trial Schedule Time Grid (pdf)  
    Registration Worksheet (pdf)  
    Request for Department Review of Transfer Course or Military Credit 
    Residency Application (pdf) 
    Soar in 4  
    Student Activity Fee  

    Transcript Order Request (pdf)

    Transfer Course Request (to meet D/IP
    requirement (pdf)
    U ST 110X Exemption  
    Waiver: U.S. Diversity/International Perspectives requirement