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For more information see the Iowa State University Catalog or the Registrar's Index page.

Please Note: The information on this page applies to undergraduate students. Other procedures apply for:

Need assistance?

Students with disabilities needing assistance with any phase of registration may contact Student Disability Resources.

Questions? E-mail the Registrar's Office.


Visit the Schedule Change Information page for more information.

Cancel: All classes are dropped prior to the first day of the term.

Withdraw: All classes are dropped on or after the first day of the term. Contact your adviser immediately. Catalog policy.

Last Day to Drop: NOT to be confused with Schedule Change. On the last day to drop, you can drop a course without extenuating circumstances, but you will be charged a schedule change fee.

Schedule Change: You may make schedule changes through the first five days of class through AccessPlus. Procedures for schedule changes vary by the time period of the semester. The effective date of a schedule change is the date when the change is entered into the registration system. A fee applies after specific dates.