1) I get an error message when I try to run my audit.

  • The first thing you should try is clearing the cache on the computer you are using.  There are good directions available on Google for most types of computers and devices.

2) My advisor said he/she was making a change on my audit. Why haven’t the changes shown up on my audit yet?

  • See your advisor again. It may take a couple weeks from when the change is requested until it appears on your audit.

3) I just added (or dropped) a major or minor but it’s not on my audit. 

  • It may take a couple weeks for the change to be reflected on your audit.  You can run a What-If audit if you have specific questions about where a course will fall. Check with your advisor to see if the paperwork has been forwarded to the college office.

4) I am a ____ major and want a minor in ___ but it doesn’t appear on the drop down list. Why not?

  • The new degree audit system does not allow selection of minors that are not available for specific majors.  For example, an ADVRT major cannot add a MKT minor because the MKT minor is restricted to students in the College of Business.

5) My option is not appearing on the drop down menu.  Why not?

  • Options are frequently catalog specific. Try another catalog to see if the option appears.  If not, please contact your advisor.